Station Overview

Network XY
Station Code AGA01
Station Description Agarn, Football field, VS
Latitude (WGS84) 46.29907
Longitude (WGS84) 7.66931
Station altitude (CH1903) 619.0
running from 2018-07-13
...until 2022-09-29
Sensor Types Velocimeter
Location Map

Federal Office of Topograpy: National Map 1:25‘000
Topography Map

Federal Office of Topograpy: DHM25: Digital Height Model 1:25000
Geology Map

Federal Office of Topograpy: Geological map of Switzerland 1:500‘000

Sensor locations

Current Instrumentation

No open epochs

Location code (none)
On date 13-07-2018 14:00:00
Off date 2022-09-29 19:15:00
Sensor model Trillium Compact 120s
Sensor manufacturer Nanometrics
Digitizer model Q330
Digitizer manufacturer Quanterra
Channels BHE , BHN , BHZ , HHE , HHN , HHZ

Site Characterization

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